Clay Siegall, Helping People With Cancer, Through Genetic Research

Clay Siegall is a man on a mission. HIs mission is to revolutionize cancer research and aid those who have been diagnosed with this disease that claims millions of lives every year. To bring his aim into fruition, Clay founded Seattle Genetics and currently serves as the President of the company. With his business, Clay has had an enormous impact on the field of medicine, and with the revolutionary treatment that the business is working towards setting in place.

The idea to form his company came from the experiences that Clay Siegall had to witness in his childhood. When he was 19, his father was diagnosed with cancer. However, during that time, there were no proper tools to be able to equip doctors with the necessities to treat their patients. Watching this happen to a family member, Clay then decided to focus on oncological research, and to help better equip doctors to treat patients who are diagnosed with cancer. With the organization’s current research, doctors are now already being able to better read into the kind of cancer that their patients have, and are now able to give them a course of treatment that is best suited to their current state and illness progression.

Before he founded Seattle Genetics, Clay worked with the Bristol-Myers Squibb Washington University, where he studied the genetic composition of cancerous cells, which led him to one day starting up his company based on the very same research. Clay has also collaborated with numerous corporations and hospitals to aid his research better and help people who are in need of a proper course of treatment for their cancer. He wants to change the way cancer is treated, so as to make it better and more efficient.

Through his career, Clay has interacted with numerous people who have all contributed to his growth and development as the leader he is today. He believes in always taking some values from the people he looks up to add to his professional life. Using all that he has learned, he has led Seattle Genetics to a favorable direction, making it a leading organization for cancer research.

Goettl Air Conditioning Celebrates 78th Year Anniversary By Merging with Las Vegas and Paradise Air

There are not many businesses that have been open for three-quarters of a century, but Goettl Air Conditioning celebrates its 78th anniversary this year and business couldn’t be better. Ken Goodrich has been the managing CEO for over five years, and he has taken the Arizona-based HVAC company and expanded it into Las Vegas with plans to expand further across southwest Nevada and into Califonia in the next few years.

Last year, Goettl won The Best Air Conditioning Company Award for the entire state of Arizona. In the beginning of 2017, Goettl merged with two Las Vegas HVAC companies in order to benefit all three companies with better services.

Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air merged with Goettl, and Goettl gained 20 employees and a number of commercial customers in Las Vegas while the other two companies now have the high-quality services and expertise of the award-winning Goettl Air. It’s a win-win deal.

Goodrich is experienced at managing companies that have begun to take a downturn in profits and turn them around. He has previously managed 15 companies that were failing and brought them back into the market again. Though Goettl had an established company, founded by the Goettl brothers, Gust and Adam, in 1939, the news about the mergers is lifting the company, and the expansion is exciting. The company is excelling in all areas as it establishes itself in the southwestern United States.

Goettl uses only high-quality parts, and their customer service is second to none. All of the technicians are expertly trained, and they meticulously care for the customer’s home during work. Goettl has had an excellent reputation of dependability and reliability since they were founded.

Good values and commitment are the foundation of Goettl Air and certainly contribute to their amazing growth in recent years. Goodrich came on board in 2013, and since 2015, the air conditioning leader has experienced 500 percent growth every year. The ideas for expansion that Goodrich is introducing stimulate more growth, and he has plans that will take the company from Arizona and Nevada to California and east across the U.S.


How Andrea McWilliams Became A Prominent Lobbyist And Philanthropist

As a co-founder of McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultants, Andrea McWilliams is very involved in Texas political affairs. She founded the firm along with her husband in order to advocate for their clients on both sides of the aisle in Austin, Texas. She arrived on the scene of prominent politics at a very early age, having been only 21 when she was named as a Chief of Staff.

Andrea McWilliams is a skilled political strategist who has been instrumental in passing a number of legislative bills. Among her many accomplishments is her success in passing a bill in 2009 that led to the world’s first clean coal power plant being built in Texas. As a strong advocate for researching cures for cancer, she also pushed through legislation that saved a cancer research package that was worth $3 billion.

After she had served as a Chief of Staff, Andrea McWilliams had advanced her career by joining the very well known public relations firm Public Strategies, Inc. While at this company she became nationally known for her skill in promoting legislation and getting lawmakers on board. She has been featured a number of times in national media including USA Today, CNN, Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, and on NPR. In 2017 Texas Monthly’s “POWER” article featured her along with the Governor of Texas, the Speaker of the House, and the Lieutenant Governor.

Besides lobbying, Andrea McWilliams is best known for her philanthropy. She has volunteered at a number of nonprofits and regularly fundraises for them. The cause she is most passionate about is research into curing breast cancer. She has partnered with both the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and KillCancer, representing their interests to lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. She has raised millions for nonprofits that help the victims of breast cancer in Texas.


Playful Puppy with Beneful Foods

Beneful Originals Beef

This is a dry dog food that works well with my 1-year-old. She enjoys the small pieces as they are easy to grasp. I like being able to see the pieces of food that are of different colors because I know that natural ingredients have been used. The food provides that protein and vitamins that she needs for her growing body.

Healthy Weight

Since my dog is a little overweight, I wanted to find a food that would help with her metabolism while still giving her the nutrients that she needs to get through the day. Healthy Weight is made with farm-raised chicken, providing the protein that her muscles need without putting a lot of fat on her body. There are also whole grains and vegetables used in the meal.

Watch the video and learn more about Beneful Dog Foods:

Healthy Puppy

When my dog was a puppy, this is the food that we gave her. The morsels are smaller than the original bites of food offered by the brand. Real chicken and vegetables are used in this recipe, but the recipe isn’t as rich as it is with the other foods in the line of dry products. The food includes DHA, which helps to promote brain and vision health.

Playful Life

My dog is a bit hyper since she is younger. The Playful Life is made with blueberries and spinach, giving my dog the energy she needs to play with my family. It has a high amount of protein to support her muscles while giving her the essential vitamins that she needs to grow.


Falling in Love with Unicorn Hair Tints from Lime Crime

I have always wanted to try a candy color hairstreak in my bleached blonde hair. Pink, purple, green and blue tints looked awesome on models in magazines; however, I was worried about the results. I have always been quite a do it yourself hair care wizard, but I needed to find the right shades made by the right company that would inspire me to summon my courage to take the plunge.

I had purchased eye shadows and lipsticks from a company called Lime Crime. I adore their velveting matte lip colors the Venus eyeshadow collection has all of my go-to colors that allow me to create dramatic smokey eye look on date nights.

On Instagram and Tumblr, I had noticed many of the models paring Lime Crime cosmetics with candy colored hair. Indeed, beauty maven Doe Deere, Lime Crime’s Founder and CEO, is virtually always photographed wearing pink, blue or purple hair. I could never expect to look as gorgeous as she does; however, I kept toying with the idea of copying some of her hair looks. The only problem was that the indie hair colors sold in stores had me confused and slightly intimidated.

Imagine my joy when I discovered that Doe Deere had launched a new line of hair color shades! I found out about this through all the buzz this was getting online on Websites such as Elle, and Pop Sugar,

Immediate I clicked over to the Lime Crime Website, to check out all the shades they were offering. Lime Crime never limits your choices to one or two colors. They always have a palette to choose from with colors inspired both by nature and by wild fantasy. Their “Neon Peach” and “Bunny” shades immediately caught my eye. The Lime Crime Website also answers any questions about applying the product. Best of all, I can choose how daring I want to go, from full coverage to just a tint, which leaves a lighter pigment in your hair. It’s semi permeant so it’s easy to try different Unicorn shades from Lime Crime.

HRF Founder Thor Halvorssen Works To Remain A Common Man

Though his father was subject to terrible backlash as a former government anti-drug official, his mother was shot during a populist protest, and numerous relatives became casualties in South American civilian conflicts, Thor Halvorssen has remained an upright and outspoken human rights advocacy leader.

Thor Halvorssen is the founder and principle organizer of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF). Though this organization has a worldwide scope of operation, Mr. Halvorssen is intent on remaining one of the hardest working members. He personally writes and distributes materials that are received and read by some of the most important leaders in modern world government. This includes Russia’s Vladimir Putin and almost every prominent candidate in the last United States Presidential election.

As a self-described “classic liberal,” Thor Halvorssen is quick to dismiss any modern political labels that the media attaches to his own, or the Human Rights Foundation’s actions. His main objective in social activism is to work against the thrust and whim of any dictatorial regime no matter how it is politically aligned, or in which part of the world it operates. In particular, Halvorssen is at extreme odds with the Chavez-like winds blowing through the governments of Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. He believes that these trends only work to encourage things like low wages, unfair trade, and political prisoner oppression.

Though Thor Halvorssen is anything but neutral when it comes to the organization and proliferation of Human Rights Foundation principles, he is attracting the attention of major economic and business leaders. CEOs of both Google and PayPal have donated large sums to the HRF mission, and consider Thor Halvorssen to be a laudable voice on the world political stage. Even with the support of some of the world’s most influential business leaders, Halvorssen prefers to be physically involved with street activism and in-person community organization. for more .


Karl Heideck: What It’s Really Like To Be A Litigator

Litigators can represent both plaintiffs and attorneys in civil cases, and oversee all phases of the litigation process, including investigation, pre-trial, and trial. Litigation is one of the most popular law careers, and salaries are competitive: in 2015, the median salary for a lawyer was $115,820, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Education required to become a litigator includes a bachelor’s degree – typically in history, sociology, or economics – a Juris Doctor from an accredited law school, and passing the bar exam. In addition, up to five years’ experience may also be required, depending on the employer.

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Few people know the rigors of being a litigator than Karl Heideck, an attorney based in Philadelphia who specializes in litigation, compliance and risk management review. He got his degree in English at Swarthmore College in 2003, and got his JD at Temple University Beasley School of Law in 2009. Karl Heideck has been practicing law for over 10 years, and has been licensed with Pepper Hamilton LLP in Jenkintown, PA, for 8 years. Karl Heideck is currently a contract attorney at Hire Counsel, a legal services provider for law firms, corporations, and government agencies. Hire Counsel was founded in 1993 and seeks to “serve today’s new legal economy.”

In a recent review on Avvo, a legal-services site, a client praised him for his thoroughness and listening skills. “[I]f you have to [hire an attorney],” this woman wrote, “it makes all the difference to have someone like Karl Heideck on your team.”

Dr Walden Comes Home To Texas

When it comes to plastic surgery, you might be considering all of your options. You might wonder what is going to be the best option to have your surgery done. You might want to consider Dr Walden to help you with your needs.


New York

The first place Dr Walden got going with her plastic surgery practice was New York. She had more than just a few clients that were famous and kept her going. When she was there, she started a family and had a good life, but something was missing. She wanted to come back to the place she grew up and show her kids a different kind of life. That was why she moved back to Texas.



After a while in New York she realized she didn’t want to stay there. Moving everything she had built wasn’t easy, but when she got back to Texas, she knew she had made the right choice. She opened her practice there and hasn’t looked back. A lot of her clients from New York even fly out to work with her still. This makes a huge difference in her practice and what she does now.


She takes on regular people as well as these famous clients she had been working with for so long. So if you want to have the best care for your plastic surgery and the best Doctor, then you might want to take a minute and talk to Dr Walden. This way you will be sure to get the best care. She knows what she is doing and takes the time to actually talk to you about what you want. This is a great thing when you are looking at something so important. What are you waiting for? Give her a call today.


A Close Look At Sujit Choudhry And His Achievements In Law

Sujit Choudhry is one of the recognized professors of law at the University of California, Berkeley. He has held various senior positions in numerous institutions and he served as a dean of the school of law in the same institution. Choudhry is the founding pioneer of Center for Constitutional Transitions. He holds a law degree from Oxford and Harvard University. Besides his strong education background, Sujit enjoys international recognition in matters related to law and politics due to his extensive experience. During his career, he has traveled over twelve countries worldwide to participate in constitution building activities.

His expertise has made him an important resource and the fact that he has been a consultant to the World Bank Institute and the United Nations Development Program prove it. Additionally, he is an affiliate of the United Nations Mediation Roster and Governing Toronto Advisory Panel, which brought about great changes in the municipal government structure in Toronto, check this on   Above that, he has published a great number of articles, book chapters and reports concerning comparative law.

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The extensive experience in comparative law has enabled him to take a significant part in major constitutional reform activities. As if that is not enough, Sujit engages in research on constitutional law, the design of the constitution, official language policies, right building and fundamental questions used in the study of law. He has also contributed substantially to the development of Canadian constitutional law.As a Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, Sujit Choudhry has been able to produce and collect crucial information that has improve constitutional building processes of different countries.

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Before heading to the University of California, Sujit held numerous senior positions in several institutions. For instance, he served as a Professor at Cecelia Goetz NYU School of Law and the University of Toronto as the School Chair in the Law Department, based on To say the least, he is equipped with excellent knowledge in matters related to law and he has tremendous effects in the areas in which he gets entrusted in. Under his influence, significant changes have been made in Berkeley and this is a clear sing of what a competent professional can attain in just a short while.  More of this on

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Glimpse of Hope for Industry as JeanMarie Guenot’s Immunotherapy Nears Clinical Production


JeanMarie Guenot, Ph.D. is an alumnus of Pennsylvania University and the University of California, San Francisco. Her interests are in the fields of Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Her experience as a business executive dates back to 1993 when she served as a Principal scientist at Hoffman-La Roche. She has worked as an associate for Atlas Venture before joining PDL BioPharma as VP in charge of corporate & commercial development. He then left PDL BioPharma to become managing partner at Guenot, LLC. She is the founder of ophthalmic firm SKS Ocular, LLC.


Jeanmarie has built a reputation over the years as an expert in building new Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and rebuilding old ones. She has bags of experience as a venture capitalist, project & alliance manager, mergers and acquisitions expert, for both public and private companies in areas of interest such as ophthalmic, oncology, cardiovascular, autoimmune, neurology and related diseases. She is currently the President and CEO of Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc. (2013), a pre-clinical company specializing in cancers of the blood.


The mission of the San Francisco-based Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc. is to seek appropriate medical solutions against life-threatening cancers of the blood through meaningful partnerships with other industry players like academicians whose work revolve around the subject of hematological malignancies. Most importantly, Amphineva has been working on a therapy procedure that involves harnessing of the patient’s own natural immunity to help fight tumor cells and the conditions that create them. The result is the restoration of a balance of cells in the body, a necessary condition for blood cell production and functioning.


In August 2016, Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc. announced through the President and CEO Jeanmarie Guenot that FDA had accepted its request to proceed with phase 1 tasting of the experimental new drug (IND) for AMV564 in AML patients. This test aims to help Amphineva to determine the maximum tolerated dose (MTD) of the IND. If the first clinical trial is successful it would be followed by a full clinical development program. This would represent one of the biggest breakthroughs in cancer immunotherapy efforts.


The fact that Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc. is the recipient of huge funding from among others, MPM Capital and has won the support from Janssen Biotech, Inc. is a testament to impressive milestones the company has made.