Andrew Rolfe’s Making a Difference in South Africa

One of the biggest challenges South Africa face, is accessibility to education or rather proper education. Most affected schools are; overcrowded, understaffed or teachers lack proper training. Due to such challenges, several students end up dropping out of school. Ubuntu organization has taken up the role of making a difference for these children. Andrew Rolfe’s role in bringing attention to the needs of South Africa has placed him as a valuable asset for Ubuntu fund. He serves as the chairman on the Board of Directors for the Ubuntu fund. The board of directors is made up of leaders from different parts of the world such as South Africa, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

These leaders under the chairmanship of Andrew Rolfe work towards changing lives for the underprivileged children. The organization originally focused on combating inadequate education in South Africa, by supplying necessary school supplies essential to learning. They later on learnt that there were other variables that inhibited children from learning, such as; poverty, hunger and disease. This led Ubuntu to develop a grassroots campaign to ensure that the underprivileged children got rightful access to education and the right environment for learning and growing. This was successful for Andrew Rolfe and his team, since now Ubuntu services over 400,000 people.

Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Model

Andrew Rolfe has personally donated his own time and money toward supporting the mission of Ubuntu Education Fund. He has worked very closely with Jacob Lief on the Ubuntu Model. Though the model had received criticism at first, more people who take the time to try and observe and learn how the model contributes to supporting the underprivileged, have come to openly embrace it. The Ubuntu model has helped in saving life and educating children. One thing to appreciate about Andrew Rolfe is that he is a person who does things differently and focuses more on quality and not quantity. This is the reason why Andrew Rolfe came up with the Ubuntu Model which focused on different ways of getting funds. It entailed getting high income donors and independent family foundations so that money went directly to its exact purpose. By this, the nonprofit organization achieved its main objective of changing children’s lives.

Clearabee-Keeping Things Simple

Clearabee is the largest man and van type rubbish removal service in the UK and employs over 165 employees. Clearabee has a total of 65 vehicles to take care of your unwanted mess and they do not subcontract any of their collections which means that all of your rubbish ends up where it belongs-at a proper waste disposal site in or around the London area.


Clearabee was founded in 2012 and began to offer rubbish removal services in 2013 with just one vehicle in Northampton. In 2013, the company moved closer to the London area in the town of Birmingham, where they began to quickly expand. Clearabee has never subcontracted rubbish removal services.


Clearabee first introduced the skip bag service, also known as the beebag, which includes free next day delivery, same day collection, and even the option to put your bag in a location that is more convenient for the customer.


The Beeloyal scheme was introduced in April of 2017 and is a scheme for trade and regular customers that offers a 10% discount for every qualifying order in order to make their rubbish removal services even more affordable with minimal hassle.


Clearabee is a nationwide company and they are open seven days a week. You can even book with them online at any time through their 24/7 online bookings and they can collect day and night as well as on weekends. They also cover all the labor, so you hardly have to deal with your junk at all.

Honey Birdette Will Entice You

Honey Birdette is growing in popularity and taking the world by storm. Honey Birdetet has just released its ne website to help keep up with the demand form its US customers. Honey Birdette has experienced a 374% increase in online sales form its US customers alone and the new site has been designed to not only accommodate the increase in sales but will also provide a better shopping experience for their customers. The new site will offer free shipping on orders over $50, easier returns, and faster shipping.

Honey Birdette was created by Eloise Monaghan in 2006 and was launched in 2006. There are now 55 stores in Australia and they have already expanded into the UK. Honey Birdette has opened its first boutique in London’s Covent Garden last year and it was the very first boutique to open outside of Australia. There is now a boutique in Leeds’ Victoria Gate and one in Westfield White City. Honey Birdette is planning to add boutiques to Westfield Stratford, Leeds, Liverpool, and Newcastle. Honey Birdette is planning to add 40 additional stores by the end of next year and is even planning to expand into Europe.

Honey Birdette did not happen by accident and was created by a couple of friends who were tired of the same old lingerie selection that was available. They decide that it was time to change that and they did.

Honey Birdette is a boutique unlike any other lingerie stores and you can even sip on a glass of champagne as you browse their collections of lingerie to bedroom items. Honey Birdette is always adding new items to their collection and you will find something for every occasion, mood, and romance. Honey Birdette has leather to lace lingerie, massage candles, and even adult toys for your pleasure.

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Bruce Bent II: The Financial Visionary

Bruce Bent II is the vice chairman of one of the biggest investment and financial support companies in the world. He works with the Double Rock Corporation and has done so for many years. He has helped the company to make a name for itself and has given people the chances that they need to make the right type of investments. Since Bruce Bent II has been in the same career, he has learned a lot about finances and the right way to do them. He has also become a pro at investments and knows that it requires some innovations if you want to make all of the right choices for the experiences that you have with investing. Bruce Bent II works to provide people with opportunities that they may not have otherwise. He also does what he can to show people that there are many differences in investments.

One of the biggest things that Bruce Bent II has done is create retirement investment inventions. He has worked to come up with a near-perfect plan to invest in retirement plans. By doing this, he has created more opportunities for those who are retiring soon and those who would like to retire in the future. Bruce Bent II knows that doing this will help people get exactly what they need from the different things that happen during retirement. He also knows that it is a way for each person to maximize the money that they are going to be able to put into their retirement.

As Bruce Bent II has grown with the Double Rock Corporation, he has seen major changes in the financial outlook of different companies. He knows that money is now in much different areas than what it was in 10 or even five years ago. Bruce Bent II does everything that he can to keep up with the changing financial trends and to make sure that he is promoting the ideas that people have to make their lives better. He also wants to help people get the most amount of money possible from the investments that they make.

Find more information on Bruce Bent II on Twitter @bbentii

Eva Moskowitz Proves that Public Schools Need Radical Reforms

Eva Moskowitz is a seasoned education reformer who runs one of the top-ranking charter school network in New York. Founded in 2006 by Eva who is also the chief executive officer, Success Academy has grown rapidly to operate over 41 schools, which house more than fourteen thousand students from diverse backgrounds.


Eva Moskowitz started her quest for educational reforms while serving as a member of the New York City Council. This position was very instrumental in equipping her with leadership skills she needed to succeed as an education reformist. Eva used her position to push for improved standards and accountability in public schools. Despite of her concerted efforts, Moskowitz realized that there were many hindrances that derailed her motive of giving government schools a new face. However, the challenges did not dim Eva Moskowitz’s hope of bring change in the education sector. She quit her role at the council and established Harlem, her inaugural charter school. Since then, the school has gained reputation in helping the poor and minority to realize their academic dreams.


Eva Moskowitz and her well-equipped staff have devised cutting-edging techniques and strategies that has propelled Success Academy to greater heights. The curricula is developed within the school and the content is shared across all schools. Continuous teacher training is also another techniques used by Eva Moskowitz to ensure that her school network delivers outstanding performance. The teachers are rigorously trained particularly on curriculum and instruction. The use of off-the-shelf math textbooks is highly discouraged since they deem them as being redundant. The math materials are prepared based on TERC and Contexts for Learning. Above all, there is regular testing and tracking of learner’s performance.


Eva Moskowitz holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania and an American history PhD. from Johns Hopkins University. Previously, Moskowitz served as a history professor at Prep for Prep. Today, she teaches science English language, arts, sports and Math at Success Academy. Eva Moskowitz strongly believes that the success of students is hinged on a good curriculum, well-trained teachers and proper guidance from parents and guardians.


Beneful Puppy Food is Perfect for All Breeds of Dogs

Your new puppy is just another pet right? If your new puppy is more like a child to you, you want to make sure that you feed it the right food like you would feed to your child right? In order for a child to thrive and be healthy, they need to have protein, fiber and fat. Just like your child, your puppy needs the same things.

With the right puppy food, like Beneful Puppy food, your puppy is on the right path to a long and healthy life. Beneful is not just any old dog food. It is the food that is most used by new dog owners. It supplies your new puppy with everything that it needs to have a healthy coat, healthy nails and teeth as well as a healthy weight. For more information about Beneful click here.

Your new puppy is going to require the right amount of food for its breed. Depending on the breed of the dog, the amount of food that you feed it daily will be adjusted as the dog grows. A smaller breed dog is not going to require as much food and will not need to be fed as often as a large breed dog. Beneful puppy food is going to be the one food that you can count on to help your new puppy lead a full life.

What you should know about Forex Genius with Greg Secker

The 42-year-old Englishman, Greg Secker, is a widely respected entrepreneur, international speaker, master trader, philanthropist, and a father. In 2003, Greg Secker became the founding father of Knowledge to Action Group which had a few companies under its umbrella. One of the companies was Learn to Trade which is a global leader in trade Education Company. It boasts of offices in Johannesburg, Manila, London, and Sydney. Another company that is under the umbrella is known as SmartCharts Software, whose specialty is in availing modernized technology in trading. The next one is FX Capital, which deals with forex investments for their managed accounts. Last of these is Capital Index which is a city brokering company.

Greg Secker’s, Greg Secker Foundation, founded in 2010, is a non-profit organization whose intention is to improve the quality of people’s lives across the globe. It is thanks to his commitment and passionate nature to impact other people’s lives positively that all these organizations and firms were founded. His aim is to improve their lives through methods such as coaching, support, education, and strategy.

At Thomas Cook Financial Services, Mr. Secker started out his career. After this, he then went ahead to join the foreign exchange industry to manage a newly opened business by the name of Virtual Trading Desk, better known as VTD. His time at VTD would turn out to be his first experience with a trading platform involved in Forex which was online and real-time based. This platform allowed for clients to get quotes for large foreign exchange transactions that were real-time based. Growing quickly and steadily, he then ventured out to become the Vice President at the Mellon Financial Corp., which was at that time was one of USA’s Fortune 500 investment banks. At this point, he worked with the who’s who of the trade industry.

With the vast accumulated knowledge, Greg opted out of Mellon Financial to invest in his company. In a span of 3 months, Greg Secker came up with Learn to Trade which over the past 13 years has gone ahead to open offices around the world. It boasts of 200,000 educated clients being trained in their program via various workshops and seminars. Knowledge to Action was the finalist in the 2009 London Excellence Awards and also attained the 49th spot in a Virgin co-sponsored, Sunday Times Fast Track 100 Awards back in 2010.

Dr Jennifer Walden: Changing the Way Women View Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a maverick in the cosmetic surgery field. A majority of plastic surgery is performed on women but very few female surgeons are as successful as Dr. Walden. When seeking a doctor that will assess your body honestly, helping you find the right size breast implants or the size and shape of the nose that will change your life, it is amazing to talk to someone that may have the same concerns as you. Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews has given birth, to beautiful twin boys, so it makes sense that she will have a better understanding of the ways a woman’s body may change with age and the blessing of children. Dr. Walden can sympathize with the woman who wants liposuction to feel better about her body or would like a breast lift to feel more confident. Dr. Walden believes that cosmetic surgery is a quality of life issue for some women, that someone’s mental health can be greatly impacted by the way they feel about their body.

So many women choose Dr. Walden because she is one of the best in her field, with offices in Austin Texas and a surgery center at Hill Country Memorial Hospital in Marble Falls. She is on the forefront of new plastic surgery technology including Vectra, which can show you a 3D image of what you look like before and after surgery, and ThermiVa which uses a radio frequency system for vaginal rejuvenation. Dr. Walden has made it her mission to make cosmetic surgery innovative and safer for women, creating new tools for breast augmentation and spearheading new ways to perform labiaplasty. When looking for a cosmetic surgeon who will sympathize and innovative Dr. Walden is the best of both worlds.

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Jose Neto of JHSF Develops Excellent Working Relationships to Promote Business

The real estate market continues to thrive in Brazil. A perfect description of the current situation in the Brazilian industry can be depicted from JHSF. This is a top ranking real estate firm with a high reputation in purchasing, developing, leasing as well as trading residential and commercial property. Despite being in a position to oversee any developmental project in real estate, JHSF specially capitalizes in four categories of construction:


  • Shopping malls
  • Office space
  • Airports

JHSF is not a typical property developer in Brazil. The company has excellent leadership that guides the management in developing a good working rapport with clients. From the artistic property to offices with tailored designs, JHSF understands the need to provide the exact demands of clients. Apart from this knowledge, the company has massive experience in real estate. Through the experience, there is a clear depiction of how to navigate the market. The company has managed to extend its services to South America through its affiliates like JHSF SA, JHSF Incorporacoes in addition to Desenvolvimento Imobiliaro.

Jose Neto’s Profile

Jose Neto is a renowned real estate entrepreneur in Brazil. The graduate of Fundcao Aemando Alvares Penteado known as FAAP University commenced his career in 1993. Being a quick learner, he was stationed in the industrial department of the company. As a solutions provider for emergency situations, Jose cared for the clients in various ways. Ideally, Jose’s career reached its peak when he established Parkbem. This is a parking space managerial company. Consequently, Jose was trusted with the responsibility of the first shopping project of property development. Jose successfully implemented the project, Santa Cruz Shopping Mall.


Upon completing the shopping mall project successfully, Jose was prepared for a greater task ahead. He was appointed the chief executive officer where he was put in charge of all operations of the company. He was also elected the president of the company. Jose chairs all board meetings at JHSF. He is not only a leader but a friend to clients. He has built healthy working relationships throughout his career. For young startups entrepreneur who need a role model, Jose Neto is a great business proprietor.

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Jason Hope’s Outlook on the Future with Internet of Things.

An entrepreneur, a futurist, a philanthropist just to mention a few are just some of the words that can be used to describe Jason Hope. He is a believer of the Internet of Things (IoT). He has created an entrepreneurship platform for himself and is a regular commentator and writer on the latest technological trends. His most recent writing is extensive on the Internet of Things which according to him is the most contemporary wave of technological advancement. Most of the articles written by Jason Hope are appreciated by authorities in technology as they focus on the direction of new technology.

In broader terms, Internet of Things focuses on the connected technology that allows numerous devices sync with one another. The devices include but not limited to the street lights, kitchen appliances, electronic devices, as well as cars. The focus here is to ensure there is a possibility of devices to connect so that data can be shared and at the same time decrease wastage and maximize on efficiency. It’s estimated that a broad toaster will communicate with bread being toasted in the coming future and learn more about Jason.

The usual way of business operations will advance through technology. For this reason, the IoT will become a significant investment to be taken up by most large companies in the world. Other corporations will have to keep up with this pace. Jason Hope believes that in a matter of years, people will stop associating getting online with using computers and smartphones. More relevant applications will be created by major companies for consumers to get engaged and more information click here.

Jason Hope grew up in Tempe, Arizona. He attended the Arizona State University where he earned his degree in finance. Later, Jason Hope attended ASU’s W.P. Caray School of business for his MBA study.

Jason is benevolent. He prioritizes giving back to the residents of his native home. He supports education in a great way. He believes that business people should focus on an idea at a time in order to realize maximum benefits. Other things that Jason Hope loves is politics at national and local level. He has spoken on various platforms such as CNN and FOX News and Jason’s lacrosse camp.

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