Brian Bonar Opens Bellamy’s On Rural Ranch In Escondido

Scottish immigrant Brian Bonar opened a new restaurant with a vision that few saw. Though some thought he had gone mad when he decided to put a 4-star eatery on a 144-acre rural property outside San Diego, he saw what could be rather than what was already there. Using a building that is rustic in nature, he created Bellamy’s French gourmet restaurant.

To make his plan go perfectly, he would need to offer the public a great chef who could cook good food. He needed someone to offset the unusual setting. He chose Patrick Ponsaty as his French mastermind.

His dishes are interesting, unusual arrangements, and downright mouth waters. Brian Boner wanted to bring food that was common to his country to America. As a man who already owns and operates several successful restaurants, he knew this challenge was a bit different.  Learn more about Brian Bonar:

The property that Bellamy’s sits on is outside San Diego in a town called Escondido. The structure he used was built in the 1880’s and as the vibe of an old building in Napa. His chef is most known for his lyrical cooking, and that is what Boner intends to capitalize on.

They have been well received by food critics, and it seems that the dishes just melt in the customer’s mouth. Though the chef says this place is what he would call a hole-in-the-wall, people will come for that rustic charm and great food.

They won’t even care about the “farm” style feeling. It is right beside the Ranch at Bandy Canyon. His visions for the future include an area that the whole family can enjoy. Right now it is just the restaurant, but Boner is one that is not detoured by stumbling blocks and opposition.

Brian Bonar is first and foremost an artist by nature. His goal for building such an establishment is that his fellow friends and other artists could come and enjoy Mother Nature and be inspired.

The San Diego community is known for upscale eateries, but nothing is quite like Bellamy’s. He wanted to give his friends a classic, sophisticated dining experience, yet he wanted to do it in a way that has not been attempted before.

Boner worked for big companies like IBM for years, as his background is in engineering. He sits on the board of Dalrada Financial Corporation and has been affiliated with them since 1995.

With his Technical Engineering degree from James Watt Technical College, he had more than enough experience in all aspect of business. The Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University would also come in handy.

He has a diverse background that has brought him nothing but success. It is safe to say that Bellamy’s will be another success he can add to his list of accomplishments.