Russia’s Social Media Campaign Against America Heats Up

Russian and American relations are at a low point in the past few decades. With major disputes across the globe, most notably in Ukraine, and sanctions being levied against Russia for its involvement in the conflict, both sides are looking to consistently tar the reputation of the other. Now the press has caught on to […]

Will Black Panther Join the Avengers?

Chadwick Boseman is locked in for a five picture deal. This means we will be seeing a lot of Boseman as the Black Panther in Marvel movies over the next handful of years. As a low-powered superhero somewhere on the level of Captain America and Black Widow, we’ll likely see him hobnobbing with them in […]

Garth Brooks Thinks YouTube is the Devil

Garth Brooks is one of country music’s most recognizable stars, and he has continued to sustain his popularity despite years of avoiding social media. Finally, Brooks decided to bite the bullet and join Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to connect with his fans. But, YouTube is one social site where you won’t find Brooks, some of […]

Egypt Attacks Tunnels

The usage of tunnels has become more prominent in the news after Hamas used tunnels to infiltrate Israel which led to the death of several soldiers and civilians in surprise attacks. While Israel has been accused of being heavy handed in their response to Hamas through a war that has left many Palestines dead and […]

Doctor Dies from Ebola

The number of fatalities due to Ebola is rising, as another doctor who had been treating a number of different Ebola patients in West Africa has recently died. This report was confirmed by Nebraska Medical Centre. The death of surgeon, Dr. Martin Salia is an addition to the growing number of Ebola cases. The doctor […]

Mexican Mayor Held Responsible For Dozens of Missing Students

The former Mayor of Iguala, Mexico has been officially charged in connection to the disappearance of dozens of young people. Jose Luis Abarca is believed to be responsible for the death of six individuals and the unknown whereabouts of several other people. Most of the victims are students who attended a college to train and […]

Waiter Surprised with $1500 Tip

While many would consider themselves to be generous tippers, these tippers would likely not say that they’ve ever tipped in the amount of hundreds of dollars, let alone in the thousands. One lucky server, however, can now count himself this lucky. A generous couple at a Naples restaurant has given a tip of $1500. According […]