Dangerous Bacteria Escapes From A Monkey Laboratory

  Government Officials Claim There’s No Threat To The Public The potentially deadly bacteria that escaped from the Tulane National Primate Research Center is called Burkholderia pseudo mallei. The germ is common in Northern Australia and Southeast Asia. It affects animals and humans through contaminated water and soil. The Center for Disease Control says humans […]

Keeping Your Dog Healthy and Happy

Your dog is a member of your family. Like your children, they deserve the best food and treat. While there are a lot of companies that provide pet food, not all of them are created equally. Purina is one of the few companies that have stood the test of time. First marketed in 2001, Beneful […]

The World Needs More Leaders Like Bruce Levenson

As far as good examples of leadership go, Bruce Levenson ranks high up there with the rest of them. Born in Washington DC, the leadership capital of the world, it makes perfect sense that Bruce would continue to be a beacon for others to follow. After graduating from law school his peers might have thought […]

BRL TRUST: Investments

BRL TRUST was co-founded in 2005 and is located in Brazil. Since then they have helped individuals with private loans. It has helped the company to grow and to extend branches. They have excelled in the Management of Investment Funds and Capital Market investments. In just the first year they had over a hundred loans. […]

Keith Mann: Kindness is a Lifestyle

In 1995, Keith Mann went to work for Dynamic Associates as Manager of the Alternative Investments Division. Through desire and initiative, he worked his way into becoming one of the co-founders of Dynamic Search Partners and became the Managing Director of Investment Bankers. Working with private investment companies and hedge funds, Dynamic Search Partners is […]

Find New Wines With The Antique Wine Company

When you are planning on finding new wines that are going to be excellent to drink, you need to ask the Antique Wine Company to help you out. The AWC  has resources all over the industry, and they know things that you do not. Imagine what they can do to help you find the right wine […]

Eat, Skout, Love!

Are you Skouting this weekend? If you’re not, perhaps you should be. I recently stumbled across the hip new app Skout on a site discussing clever new apps that provided unlikely digital love connections. While Skout is definitely not a dating app, it is the world’s number one app for people to meet others and […]

In Honor of International Online Friendship Day Skout Publishes Global Trends in Online Friendships

February 4, 2015 marks the first ever International Friendship Day, a day to celebrate online friendships and consider the important role they have in our ever-more connected world. A recent survey by Scout originally reported by PR Newswire shows the majority of Americans have a close friendship with someone online whom they have never met […]