Oversharing in the Information Age

Although the Federal Trade Commission has extensively warned parents, teens and other adults about oversharing on social networks, the trend hasn’t slowed up. Hopefully, an event this past week will serve as a wake-up call to Keith Mann, the ultimate social networker, or I think so. On Tuesday, October 28, officials in Minnesota, along with […]

The Problem of Facebook Shareholding

As soon as Facebook went public, there was an immediate craze in the public to buy as many stocks as possible because of the perceived massive upward potential that the book of faces had at the time. However, nearly right after the blossoming company went public, its stock took a sharp drop for the worst. […]

Facebook Likes Stats Attempt to Tie Into Mid-terms

Likes of Facebook pages not overtly political in nature were tabulated to compare Republican versus Democrat like-rates, basing the party identification on likes the same people made of mid-term election candidate’s pages. The method is obviously imprecise, but some of the results are interesting. In the category Music, Democrats scored high on the Beatles, Republicans […]

Facebook Tells DEA: Stop Impersonating Users

I feel like if there is one company that American law enforcement should be respectful to, it would be Facebook. It’s been a huge thing for some time now, and with it’s influence it could be a key tool in helping law enforcement catch the bad guys. However, a recent event that involved the DEA […]

Thinking of Quitting Your Job? Try Social Media

Where social media started with MySpace and Facebook, the latest social media websites make ordinary people bona fide stars. It’s not just about stating your status or posting dinner pictures anymore. Through Vine and Instagram, in particular, short videos and fascinating pictures are causing more people to follow certain posters than ever before. There’s even […]

Geofeedia Wants To Collect All of Your Social Media Information

The new startup is planning on being a different type of intelligence agency. One that collects social media data on all users of sites like Facebook, and Twitter, that have verified identities. The service would make a record of everything, and include it in a searchable database. Which means, prospective employers, ex-girlfriends and boyfriends, and […]