Venezuela in Decline

BuzzFeedNews reports on Venezuela’s collapsing economy and standard of living. At Central Venezuela University the chemistry school has suspended classes due to lack of materials, permits, and money. More than 400 students may not graduate because they are unable to complete required lab courses. The problems are found throughout the university’s schools. Students aspiring to […]

Selling Clothes in Larger Sizes Boosts Business

There are many women’s clothing retailers out there that have chosen to limit the sizes of clothing that they sell. There are stores out there that only appeal to those in smaller sizes and only offer their clothing to those individuals. There are stores out there that have made the decision not to sell clothing […]

6 Ducklings Rescued from Storm Drain

Rescuers in Keighley, UK are rejoicing today after rescuing six very frightened baby ducklings from a storm drain where they had been trapped. Apparently, the ducklings were separated from their mother on Two Laws Road in Keighley, and had managed to seek refuge inside a nearby storm drain. West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue assisted in […]

Wax Figurines for Youtube Stars

When a wax figurine is made it is usually meant to honor someone who has made a big impact on the world. Some individuals who receive wax figurines made of them are people who have reached out to help those in need. Some of the individuals who have figures created in their likeness have starred […]

Facebook News Feed Changes

Last week, Facebook announced that it was making additional changes to its popular automatic updating News Feed stream that is available through all user Profile accounts. The changes were made on the same day of the announcement — Thursday, April 21 — and were designed to make user experiences with the News Feed better after […]