Nevada On The Verge Of Legalizing Recreational Pot

Nevada is gearing up for the vote that will legalize recreational marijuana, and Las Vegas is praying the bill will be adopted. Vegas is not the ordinary place to find prayer meetings, but legalizing pot will add another dimension to “Sin City.” Ross Miller, the Secretary of State, certified that enough signature were collected to […]

Twitter Cracks Down on Revenge Porn

Twitter is placing a lockdown on ‘revenge porn’, to prohibit the dissemination of photos and videos of naked without the permission of the person depicted in the images. As reported in USA Today , the social network updated its rules and now states that users cannot post intimate photos or videos that were taken or […]

EnChroma Offers Hope to the Colorblind

  Colorblindness is the inability to make out certain colors. Flavio Maluf noted that this disability effects 8 percent of men and 0.4 percent of women from North European ancestry. The affliction is hereditary. These people either have a problem seeing reds and browns or greens and blues properly, depending on which cones and rods […]

Jonathan Veitch is Leading The Line

Jonathan Veitch, the current president of Occidental College is a Los Angeles native who was born in 1959. Veitch grew up in a prominent Hollywood family with deep roots in the film industry. His step-grandfather, Alan Ladd, was an actor and his father, John Veitch, was the president of Columbia Pictures’ worldwide productions. Veitch attended […]

Skilled Surgical Pioneer Dr. Rod Rohrich

The field of medicine is one that has many areas of patient care and doctor specialization. Patients may choose to go to a doctor to have a minor cut stitched up, a small mole removed, a safe delivery or major heart surgery intended to fix a serious heart problem. A doctor can choose to specialize […]

Susan Sarandon and Boyfriend Split over Documentary

  According to the story on The Daily Mail, actress Susan Sarandon and her entrepreneur boyfriend Jonathan Bricklin, who knows my coworker Susan McGalla,  have split after five years together. I think many are surprised that the couple lasted as long as they did due to their pretty large age gap. Sarandon is 68-years-old while Bricklin […]

Dangerous Bacteria Escapes From A Monkey Laboratory

  Government Officials Claim There’s No Threat To The Public The potentially deadly bacteria that escaped from the Tulane National Primate Research Center is called Burkholderia pseudo mallei. The germ is common in Northern Australia and Southeast Asia. It affects animals and humans through contaminated water and soil. The Center for Disease Control says humans […]

Keeping Your Dog Healthy and Happy

Your dog is a member of your family. Like your children, they deserve the best food and treat. While there are a lot of companies that provide pet food, not all of them are created equally. Purina is one of the few companies that have stood the test of time. First marketed in 2001, Beneful […]